Secondary 3 A-Math Concept Mastery Course

Become Great At Tackling Polynomials, Cubic Functions & Partial Fractions Questions

What Your Child Will Learn

During this 3-day content-packed programme, we’ll work closely with your child to relate to various mathematical concepts under the 3-topic theme of “Polynomials, Cubic Functions & Partial Fractions”.

Session 1: Polynomials

Master New Terminologies & Answering Techniques

Polynomials are complicated algebraic expressions involving unfamiliar terminologies that students often find difficult to remember.

Many students also often struggle with the concept of roots, where they find it challenging to see when the polynomials can be manipulated to zero to solve the question.

Your child will be learning new problem-solving techniques to solve questions involving polynomials, which will strengthen his/her application of algebraic expansion and factorisation, simultaneous equations and indices laws.

Session 2: Cubic Identities & Patterns

Recognise Patterns

If your child struggles to apply cubic identities, he/she may struggle to recognise the sum or difference of cubes.

After all, it is a demanding skill—which can be honed with the right techniques!

To empower your child to tackle the complicated cubic identities efficiently, we’ll be helping him/her recognise the pattern of identifying cubes.

Problem Solving With Newly-gained Polynomials Skillsets

Many students may find the process of solving cubic equations challenging due to the huge number of terms and steps required to solve them correctly.

But the good news: Your child will be putting into practice what he/she learns in Session 1 to solve cubic equations easier & faster ahead of his/her peers!

Link & Apply Math Techniques Across Multiple Topics

More challenging cubic equations will require your child to apply his/her knowledge of different techniques and formulas across multiple topics such as:

  • Comparing coefficient technique
  • Factor theorem
  • Quadratic formulas for quadratic equations
  • Surds for simplification
  • Discriminant for explanation questions

The different combinations of topics that can be tested in a single question are extremely varied. But it doesn’t mean that your child cannot prepare for them!

Gathered from our analysis of tons of past-year Additional Mathematics examination papers, your child will be gaining exposure to and practising a variety of question types—to build his/her confidence in tackling these multi-topic questions with ease and precision.

Session 3: Partial Fractions

Practise Step-by-Step Thought Processes & Answering Techniques

Partial Fractions are often represented as complex rational functions that may be challenging for your child to break down into simpler fractions.

This involves factorising the denominator and expressing the original expression as a sum of simpler fractions – all of which would be taught step by step in this session!

Under our guidance, your child will be expanding on these crucial skillsets to solve Partial Fractions questions:

  • Algebraic expansion & factorisation
  • Identify appropriate partial fraction decomposition
  • Long division, comparing coefficients, suitable substitutions

By the way, your child will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed.

Not only will our Secondary Math Specialist take your child through the step-by-step process of a variety of mathematical problems, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes, worksheets and worked examples that are designed to help him/her learn these Math concepts easier, better and faster.

These valuable resources will help to shorten the learning curve tremendously and build confidence in Mathematics.

S3 Polynomials, Cubic Functions & Partial Fractions Masterclass

  • Level Eligibility: Secondary 3 (O-Level (Express) A-Math/IP)
  • Session(s): 3
  • Total Duration: 6 hours (3 sessions x 2 hours)
  • Tuition Fee: S$197
  • Learning Arrangement:
    • Digital Classes
    • Onsite Classes* (subjected to changes to National Safe Management Measures)

About The Instructor

Mr. Jack Lee

Mr. Jack is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher with a background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). With over 4 years of experience teaching secondary Math, his vibrant teaching style creates captivating and effective learning experiences for his students. Drawing from his background in Engineering, Mr. Jack employs innovative teaching methods that demystify complex mathematical concepts and make them easy to understand and apply for his students.

Mr. Jack aims to empower his students to become confident problem solvers and analytical thinkers. By fostering a growth mindset and providing personalised support, he seeks to inspire a love for mathematics and equip his students with the skills they need to succeed academically and in their future endeavours.

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive From This 3-Day Course

When your child enrolls today, he/she can look forward to getting access to these valuable learning resources:

Examination-Centric Mathematics Notes (39 Pages)

Highly Targeted In-Class Practice Exercise (12 Questions) + Additional Practice (15 Questions)

Pick Your Preferred Learning Arrangement

Digital & Onsite Lessons Are Available For This Course*

Digital Lessons

Your child can opt to attend lessons live via Zoom based on the scheduled dates and time.

The learning materials will be delivered to your provided address via courier delivery at least one week before commencement of the course.

If your child requires a make-up lesson, we'll attempt to schedule your child to attend a digital make-up lesson in an alternate class (subject to seat availability).

Onsite Lessons*

Your child will opt to attend lessons at the Centre based on the scheduled dates and time.

The learning materials will be delivered to your provided address via courier delivery at least one week before commencement of the course.
If your child requires a make-up lesson, we'll attempt to schedule your child to attend a digital make-up lesson in an alternate class (subject to seat availability).

Polynomials, Cubic Functions and Partial Fractions Masterclass Details

Suitable For Students In Secondary 3 (O-Level (Express) A-Math/IP)

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