Secondary 1 Concept Mastery Course

Become Great At Tackling Math Questions From “Linear Graphs” and “Construction”!

Discover proven answering techniques devised by an ex-MOE teacher with over 16 years of experience to score A1 in Mathematics! (AND how your child can do it too… with the right guidance!)

What Your Child Will Learn

During this 2-day content-packed masterclass, we’ll help your child relate to various mathematical concepts under the topics of “Linear Graphs” and “Construction” using impactful visuals & storytelling.

Next, we’ll show your child the step-by-step process of solving such math questions so that he/she can be proficient in solving such problems.

Learn All About Linear Graphs

After introducing the Cartesian coordinate system, your child will learn how to plot points on the Cartesian coordinate plane.

We’ll then dive deep into learning all about drawing and calculations involving linear graphs:

  1. Drawing straight lines in the form y = mx + c
  2. Calculating gradients from graphs
  3. Forming equations using the gradient & y-intercept OR directly from a straight line graph

To wrap the session up, we’ll also explore solving application problems involving straight line graphs.

Learn All About Construction

We will start by sharing the basics of construction, which includes learning how to use the tools (e.g. ruler, set square, protractor & compass) effectively to construct geometrical shapes. It’s very important for your child to know how to use these tools right to avoid losing marks unnecessarily during his/her examinations.

Following which, we will learn how to construct triangles:

  1. Three Sides: Using a compass
  2. Two Angles & A Side: Using a protractor
  3. Two Sides & An Angle: Using both a compass and a protractor

Subsequently, we’ll also go through the step-by-step methods of constructing quadrilaterals such as rhombus, parallelogram and trapezium.

By the way, your child will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed.

Not only will our Secondary Math Specialist take your child through the step-by-step process of a variety of mathematical problems, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes, worksheets and worked examples that are designed to help him/her learn these Math concepts easier, better and faster.

These valuable resources will help to shorten the learning curve tremendously and build confidence in Mathematics.

Graph & Construction Masterclass

  • Level Eligibility: Secondary 1 & 2
    (O-Level (Express/ NA)/ IP/ IB/ IGCSE)
  • Session(s): 2
  • Total Duration: 8 hours (4 x 2hrs)
  • Tuition Fee: S$327
  • Learning Arrangement: Onsite

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive From This 2-Day Course

When your child enrolls today, he/she can look forward to getting access to these valuable learning resources:

Examination-Centric Mathematics Notes (56 Pages)

Highly Targeted In-class Practice Questions (27 Questions) + Additional Practice Questions For The Extra Hard-workers (30 Questions)

Secondary 1 Graphs & Construction Masterclass (GCMC) Details

Suitable For Students In O-Level (Express)/ IP/ IB/ IGCSE Track

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